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Protective Charm for Health and Success

The ring is known as a talisman for health, bountiful livelihood, marital compatibility, fertility, protection against the Evil Eye and to bring maximum protection to all who hold it.


Source of the Ring

The ring's source goes back 750 years to the sages of the Rambam and Hidda's generation. The creation of the ring takes place according to specific conditions as related in the Holy Books (The "Sefer" -- Book -- "Medicine and Life" and the Sefer "Talisman of Israel.") "And take for yourself five different metals which are: silver, gold, lead,copper and tin and make yourself a ring on a night after the Sabbath at the time of the New Moon. Complete this before the rooster crows and you will see the wonders..."


Meaning of the Quote:

These five metals are basic metals and come to us from the ground. Therefore their amalgamation provides the wearer with strong root energy. The time of production, on the night after the Sabbath at the time of the New Moon, is when the star Jupiter (a strong star) shines on the moon. This is the time that the ring is produced. This cosmic situation creates a strong circle of divine energy. The connection of these two spheres, the Root and the Celestial, create two very powerful energies.  At Alonim we engrave the letters "Ayin-Bet", referring to the names of the Divine Creator, on the ring along with a scriptural passage written in Rashi script. These passages relate to our need to strengthen ourselves in our own day.

Possible Combinations:

Elad - "Ben Porat Yosef Ali Ayin" - Protection Against the Evil Eye

Sa'al - "V'Noah m'atza chen b'eynei Hashem" - For Livelihood and Abundance

M'Chash - "Al na rafeh na la" - For Health

H'ha - "Ashira l'hashem ki ge'ah g'ah" - For Love without Boundaries

S'ah - "B'kashti et ahava nafshi" - "To Find a Soulmate."

Kehat - "Al hava'ar vzeh I prayed" - "For this child I prayed."


Important Information!

Energetic fields in our bodies correspond to basic metals. However each person possesses different energetic fields and therefore the ring's effect varies from person to person. The energies of the ring do not transfer from one person to another. The ring does not have to be worn on one's finger. The ring should be on you as it is written:  "Carry on you and see wonders "

5 Metal Rings 

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