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Ana B'Koach

For thousands of years, there has been a tradition in the Jewish people of the use of talismans and amulets that contain combinations of the "Ana Bekhach" prayer, divided into 7 verses. In each verse, the first letters of each word are important, Of 7 letter combinations each with 6 letters. Total of 42 letters.
This combination is called the 42 letters / 42 letters.You can see the tremendous importance of the "Mem-Bet" letters encoded in each of the important prayers.
For example: The first paragraph of "Shema" contains 42 words when Each word corresponds to one of the 42 letters.
Another example is the "Shmonah" prayer, the "Amida" prayer, Begins with the first blessing with 42 words, and with the "Kaddish". A central passage that says: "Bless and glorify and be glorified and arrogant and boast and be exalted and exalted." These are seven words, each with six letters. These words correspond to the seven combinations of the two letters.
Over the generations the "Ana Bekach" prayer entered the prayer book and is in the morning prayers, the sacrifices of the morning, the Mincha prayer, and Kabbalat Shabbat before the "Lecha Dodi" psalm.
All 7 combinations of "please force" can take us to another energy level, a secret code that connects us to the frequency or channel of energy flow in another layer.

"Ana B'Koach"



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