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Hamsa is a talisman amulet used to protect Jews and Muslims alike. The name of the mascot comes from the Semitic root "HMS". Hamsa usually appears in the form of a symmetrical hand, with thumbs on both sides, and does not match the anatomical palm.

The Hamsa in Judaism
In Judaism, the Hamsa is also known as the "hand of the five"

or "the hand of Mary" after the sister of Moses and Aaron. The five fingers of the Hamsa represent the Five Books of Moses.

Hamsa protection
Hamsa is used to keep away the evil eye and can be found mostly in the entrances to homes, depends on cars, on the bracelets of charms, a pendant on a chain and more. It is also customary to add additional symbols at the center of the Hamsa, which are also intended to help remove the evil eye, such as fish, eyes and a Star of David. The blue color, and especially the light blue color, is also considered a shield against the evil eye, and many hamsa can be found in this color or are embedded in different shades of blue. Among the Jews, many Chamsas are adorned with prayers designed to protect, such as the Shema Yisrael prayer, Birkat HaBayit or Prayer of the Road.

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