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Alonim™ Engravable jewlery was founded in 2000.

It specializes in the manufacture and marketing of:

*silver and gold kabala jewelry.

*Judaica jewelry and sterling Kiddush cups with engraved photographs.

*High resolution engravings of photographs upon jewelry, pendants, medallions, pins and watch tablets.

*product advertisement, billboards, house blessing tiles, key chains and inlays of color photographs on aluminum, wood or plastic (through the sublimation technique)

The Alonim Company markets sterling silver judaica and kabala jewelry, and personally engraved pendants in 14 and 18 karat gold in selected stores in Israel. Alonim also manufactures products for religious establishments and renowned yeshivas as the "Baba Sali" and "Kise Rachamim" yeshivas. All the company's jewelry is manufactured in the Holly land. The factory is completely kosher and Shabbat observing and its products are manufactured according to guidelines mentioned in the holly scriptures. Large, special orders and agents will receive a discount.

The Alonim Company grants full warranty on all of its jewelry and products.

About Us

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