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To create beautiful perfect and elegant rings which bring symbolism for health, abundance, unconditional love and protection from the evil eye, we encrypted the ring with various combinations of the Ayin-Bet Names of the Creator. These names are recognized in Kabbalah for their power and ability to grant renewed energy.

The four encrypted combinations are:

Segel - for abundance and livelihood

Elad - to protect against the Evil Eye

Hahah - for unconditional love

Mahash - for healing and health

To add to the energetic power of the ring we have included authentic crystal stones -- the children of "Mother Earth." These stones are known for their power, their ability to connect us to our roots and to grant us favors through their wonderful powers. The integration of the stones'' elements create a beautiful ring which contains good strong energies.

A good luck talisman for health, abundance,

love and protection from the Evil Eye.

Encrypted Rings

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