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For thousands of years, the Jewish people have had a tradition of using talismans and amulets that contain
Combinations of holy names accepted by the Kabbalists and passed on from generation to generation.
According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the human body and soul are composed of spiritual letters that lead to abundance
The Divine. The role of the holy names attached to the pendant and in the ring is to restore to man the abundance
Which is damaged by negative energies in which it is surrounded during the day. These energies affect the level of consciousness of the person and his energetic condition and are therefore required Renewed energy and pure energy.

This miraculous ring and its names, which are not found in any other amulet, are based on secrets discovered by the Holy Ari and copied by his disciple Rabbi Chaim Vital zt "l and found in an old manuscript that was passed down from generation to generation. The ring was manufactured about 750 years ago by the Chidaites and "escaped".
The ring can only be produced under certain conditions in the holy books and in the book Segulot Yisrael. The power of the ring is in the northern kabbalistic names of it, the mother of King David "stands the daughter of Adal" and in combination with the five metals: silver, gold, lead, copper and tin.
The ring is made at a specific time and in a certain situation where the celestial bodies are in relation to the moon and this time is called the time of the addition of the moon.
The virtues of the ring to promote, strengthen, good livelihood, fertility, relationships, evil eye, witchcraft and medicine

"Pray for you and see wonders ..."

שמע ישראל

The last mascot of the old Kabbalists
Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri of blessed memor

Signed by the rabbi

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