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Star of David earrings

Star of David
A Star of David is formed from two equilateral triangles that are mounted on top of each other upside down. The name "Magen David" is mentioned for the first time in the Babylonian Talmud as the name of Bracha: "Blessed are You, the Lord of the Magen David" (Pesachim 14b). According to Jewish tradition, King David carried a Star of David symbol on his shield.
In the Kabbalah, the Star of David is considered a symbol of redemption that will come through the Messiah from the descendants of King David. Kabbalah explains that the Star of David is much more complex than it appears.
The Magen is a formula that bears the initials of the angels: "Michael," "Gabriel," and "Noreal." When the three work in balance, the complete instrument, the angel "Raphael," is created, and the Magen David can be transcended .

Star of David with 5 metals
At Alonim we added the five base metals to the Magen David to increase and increase the positive energies in the Star of David pendants. The five basic metals presented in the holy books of the greatest Kabbalists, even 750 years ago, Maimonides and the riddle: "Take five kinds of metals, and these are: silver, gold, lead, copper and tin. Charm for luck, health and success!
The earring is known for its health, livelihood and abundance, for finding a relationship and resisting the evil eye.

Star of David with gems
In order to enhance the energy with Star of David earrings we have incorporated real crystal stones, the children of Mother Earth, who are known for their strength and ability to connect us to the roots and give us their wonderful qualities. This combination creates a beautiful Star of David earrings with good and strong angels.

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