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"Flower of Life"

The Flower of Life is a geometric table built of intertwined circles. Among these circles are  hidden and exist all existing  geometrical shapes, and thus the secrets of the Creation itself. Two principle names of the Flower of Life are "Language of Quiet" and "Language of Light." This name is not only because of the flower shape  but also because the cycle of life is like a tree. The tree, at the beginning, elicits a flower that turns into a fruit. The fruit contains a seed and when it falls a new tree is created. Thus the circle of life is created from five elements: Tree -- Flower -- Fruit -- Seed -- Tree.

There are those who see in the Flower of Life the first embryonic cell, the foundation of life. The cell divides into two and then into four, to eight and onward. If we put the shape of the flower into a cube and connect all the circle centers to all the other circle centers we will have created 87 lines which constitute the famous Metatron cube.

"The Taurus Arch"

"Taurus Arch" is made of one line which unites with no beginning and no end. It is possible to create the "Arch of Taurus" using the "Cylinder of Taurus" to which special mathematical  principles apply. This creates a sphere shape with a central axis. The area spans from side to side through infinity.

The Taurus Arch represents the "Triangular Relationship"-  three forces which create everything in the universe.

"Taurus Arch" with Five Metals

To increase energy to the "Taurus Arch" pendant we have added five metals and they are: silver, gold, iron, copper and tin.

The connections of the two circles -- the rooted and the heavenly -- hold the energetic powers of the "Taurus Arch." The symbolism of this Arch is that the Arch allows us to loosen the forces that prevent our spiritual development.

It is possible to obtain the Gematria Pendant with a silver chain or with a plain black band.

"Seed of Life"

"Seed of Life" is the geometric basis

of the "Tree of Life" and it is a series of seven circles where the center of the circuitry is the extent of the six circles surrounding it. With the help of the shape of "Seed of Life" it is possible to decode the description of the Creation as written in the Book of Genesis, Verse 1. According to the Kabbalah, man and nature are unified. The gematria of "Nature" is 86 and the gematria of "G-d" is 86.

Merkava Chariot Pendant

Chariot -- The Star of David created from three pyramids is intertwined and interwoven one within the other. This shape is called the "Tetrahedron Star" and reflects the balance between the material and the spiritual. The Chariot has eight edges -- eight symbolizes the EinSof (Infinity) and the connection between the spiritual and the physical world. In this connection there is infinite energy, creativity and ability. According to the Kabbalah the Merkava Chariot is the World of Creation.

 The Chariot balances and guards our aura, providing excellent protection and giving us self-confidence.

"Tree of Life" (Ten Worlds)

"And G-d planted Gan Eden - and a Tree of Life in the Garden..." (Genesis Chapter 2)

The Tree of Life is the Ten Spheres which represent the Light of G-d the Infinite. We request G-d to influence us from his Good as a huge ray of light.  In order to absorb this influence of energetic light and so that we don't burn from this influence of light we need to prepare the vessel, ourselves.  This places our  worlds in alliance, transforming a central energetic light through which a variety of vibrant shades of light are channeled. When we connect the circle points of "Flower of Life" we receive the shape of the "Tree of Life." This creates a complete cycle of life from seed to tree and to the flower.

The "Tree of Life" format is a format of creation composed of ten worlds. Two lines which cross between the worlds are the paths between the worlds. The Ten Worlds are the Worlds of: Action, the Crown, Wisdom, Righteousness/Lovingkindness, Pride, Glory, Victory, Splendor, Foundation and the Kingdom.

Gematria pendants

purify and are used to protect against negative energies from the environment. They encourage spiritual growth and stimulate the subconscious. Gematria pendants show the gematric and mathematic path of the One Power -- the Holy One. Humanity exists in a chaotic state of hatred, fear, disease and destruction because of the situation of duality that resulted from Adam's consumption from "the Tree of Knowledge."

Gematria Pendants

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