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Ayin Bet Names of the Creator

The Zohar - the source of the wisdom of Kabbalah - interprets these verses that there was no need to shout to the Creator because at that moment Moshe Rabbeinu revealed the 72 names, the power to control the brain over matter. The sea did not break from their cry to God and stood even when the Children of Israel entered the water to their necks. The miracle of the splitting of the sea was created with the help of the faith of the people of Israel, the will, the awareness of togetherness and the use of the 72 names. Therefore, the 72 names are a tool that helps humanity gain control of chaos and the material world. Through the use of the 72 names, the Israelites overcame what seemed to be an unsupportive decree, and as a result, the waters changed their nature, split and stopped flowing. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah we can and should control physical nature, the only obstacle is our ego. Kabbalists describe it as a veil, a screen that hides the light of our original selves. When we overcome the ego we can direct and manipulate the nature that will work in our favor, and when we overcome the ego before its creation, we can control the material world, and this is the purpose of the 72 names

According to Kabbalah Masters

The Divine Names are 72 special complex letter combinations from the Book of Exodus, Chapter 14, verses 19-21

Ayin Bet Names of the Creator chart

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